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Charitable Fundraising & Donations


Charitable Donations & Fundraising

Many Legion, Auxiliary, and SAL members volunteer a great deal of time and energy to make many veterans and community programs and services possible.

In addition to demanding time, most programs and services involve operating expenses. For example, supplies must be ordered/printed for flag etiquette education programs that are conducted at area schools and organizations. Uniforms and equipment must periodically be purchased for Tri-City's award-winning Color Guard, so that it can continue to perform services at funerals, etc.

As a result, Tri-City American Legion Post 513 is always working to raise needed funds, in order to cover such expenses.

Donations from the general public, as well as from businesses and organizations are also very much in need -- and very welcome!

To make a donation to Tri-City American Legion Post 513 -- a non-profit 501(c)(19) veterans service organization -- please contact us. Your donation can certainly be directed toward a specific program -- or made as a general donation to be used towards a variety of programs and services.

Help Support Community Programs!
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Programs & Services

The following are just a few examples of programs and services which Tri-City has sponsored, supported, or been involved in over the years. It is estimated that Tri-City has contributed well over $1.5 million to such programs since 1986. We look forward to continuing to support our veterans, as well as contributing to the ongoing betterment of our community in the future!

  • Tri-City contributes to and/or operates various programs aimed at helping veterans -- past and present. This includes providing services and care packages to those in active service, as well as making visits to Veterans homes and the VA hospital to provide companionship and deliver personal care items to patients. In addition, Tri-City's Auxiliary has led a very successful "Poppy Days" campaign annually -- which raises money for needy and disabled veterans, their families, veteran widows and orphans, as well as for gifts and entertainment for VA Hospital and Veteran's Home patients. The Auxiliary also collects caps, box tops, pop tabs, soup lables and commemorative/foreign stamps for fundraising purposes. (Contact the Auxiliary for further information.)

  • Tri-City has provided scholorships (one for each gender) at each of the following High Schools: Columbia Heights, Irondale, Mounds View, St. Anthony Village.

  • Significant funding has been provided to the area school districts over the years for major improvements in youth athletic fields and facilities, such as for field lighting, playing surface improvements, etc.

  • Donations have been made to many organizations -- such as to community aide organizations, food shelves, and to various school/civic organizations within the community. Prior to the closure of its building, Tri-City made its facilities readily available for use by many area civic, charitable, and community organizations/activities.

  • Tri-City has also been a very active supporter and participant in New Brighton's annual Stockyard Days celebration-- and prior to the closure of Tri-City's building, the annual Stockyard Days parade ended at the Post's bulding. This made it possible for Tri-City to serve as host for related activities, including a reception for organizers and royalty, games and activities for area children, etc.

  • Tri-City has provided support to area Cub Scout, Boy Scout and Girl Scout troops. In addition, members of the Legion have conducted educational presentations for area troops.

  • Over the years, Tri-City has supported, sponsored, and/or provided funding to many area youth baseball and softball teams. It currently sponsors three American Legion Baseball teams -- Tri-City Red (based at Mounds View HS), Tri-City Blue (based at St. Anthony HS), and Tri-City Maroon (based at Irondale HS). In 1999, Tri-City Red brought home the American Legion World Series national championship trophy, bringing national recognition to the Tri-City Post. In 2004, Tri-City American Legion Post 513 was also honored as Post of the Year by the Minnesota Department, for its long-time contributions to the American Legion Baseball program.

  • In addition, the Tri-City Post has provided support to other athletic and arts programs in area school districts -- such as to girls volleyball, area youth basketball programs, and high school band programs.

  • Tri-City has supported the Legionville School Patrol program, as well as the American Legion's Boys & Girls State programs.

  • Many Tri-City Legion, Auxiliary, and SAL members have made significant blood donations at the Minneapolis VA Medical Center through a coordinated and organized donation program. The Tri-City Post has consistently been one of the leaders in total donations in Minnesota and western Wisconsin.

  • Volunteers from Tri-City have conducted many educational presentations at area schools and community organizations pertaining to flag etiquette and veterans service.

  • Tri-City also offers flag retirement services for our communities -- performing the American Legion's Ceremony for Disposal of Unserviceable Flags (typically held the first Saturday following Labor Day each year). Roughly 500 flags have been properly and respectfully retired annually through this program.

  • The Tri-City Post 513's Senior Color Guard Unit has not only won many District, State and National awards, but it has been available to present Colors at area sporting events, participate in parades, as well as perform rituals for deceased Legion members, and participate in memorial services (at mortuary or cemetery). In addition, the Senior Color Guard, along with other Legion, Auxiliary, and SAL volunteers, participates in Veterans Day, Memorial Day, and Flag Day programs at area schools and community centers.

If your organization would like to request Tri-City's participation in an event or program, please feel free to contact us!

As shown, Tri-City provides support for numerous community programs and events -- as many as possible. While Tri-City would like to support every community program that is in need of assistance, it is not financially possible. Special requests, however, are reviewed by Tri-City on a regular basis, and decisions are made, based upon the availability of funding and the Legion's current priorities. Requests for donations from Tri-City must be submitted in writing and must detail all specifics on the program/event/group that is seeking the donation. Please feel free to contact Tri-City with any questions.

Tri-City American Legion Post #513

If you have questions or need additional information about any Tri-City Legion programs or services, e-mail Tri-City Legion at

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